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Nonprofit And Philanthropy

Royal School of Educational Therapy Foundation, a learning Center that provides therapeutic services for learners of all ages with neurodevelopmental disorders


Provide its students with therapeutic and socially enriched academic, vocational and life-skills support and enhanced enlightened opportunities in life for optimal societal inclusion


Provide students with neurodevelopmental disabilities and other learning challenges with a wide range of research-based intensive, individualized educational therapy interventions designed to remediate their learning challenges in a nurturing and safe environment so they may achieve their greatest potentials academically and socially


• Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education
• Promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
• Provide students with the tools to achieve their greatest potentials


• Address “all forms of exclusion and marginalization, disparities and inequalities in access, participation and learning outcomes”
• Empower the beneficiaries with the resources and vocational skills that are based on their abilities

Royal School of Educational Therapy Foundation

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