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Ladama Consultancy Services

Our Motto: “Strategic partnerships for transformative changes”

Welcome To Ladama Consultancy

Ladama Consultancy LLC  is the premier partner for transformative change and long-term growth. We are the gateway for expansion into prosperous new markets and refined, proven business sustainability operations.


Ladama's team of professionals are your stewards to emerging markets with our network of clients from around the world. We lead partnership opportunities, bridging the gap between U.S. businesses and our partners in Nigeria and beyond.

Badewa T. Adejugbe-Williams, Ed.D, ET/P, M.Ed, M.SpEd

Discover the opportunities we have in store for you.

Our Expertise

Business Consulting

At Ladama, we make it easy to win business in Nigeria, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and other African Countries.

Education Consultancy Consulting

We offer innovative and transformative Educational Practices in Staff Capacity Building Development, and more.


Educational Therapy is “a form of therapy used to treat individuals with learning differences, disabilities, and challenges.

Event Planning/Management

We organize and manage Summits and Conferences in Nigeria, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Entertainment Industry Consultancy

We serve as a bridge between the Nigerian Film Industry practitioners and international counterparts for film services.

Nonprofit and Philanthropy

We provide support for the Royal School of Educational Therapy Foundation and Association of Female Agripreneurs in running their organizations.

We can help with your business, education & training needs.

Our Motto

“Strategic partnerships for professional delivery and transformative changes”.

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