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At Ladama Consultancy LLC, we also offer entertainment industry consultancy. We serve as a bridge between Nigerian film industry practitioners, and their international counterparts for film services such as;


Film Production: When it comes to casting, crew recruitment, equipment renting, and location, we have got you covered.


Stage Production: We provide excellent services for selection and reading of play scripts, identifying artists, planning comedy shows internationally, planning musical concerts internationally. 


Capacity Building: We train you to be the best in the following areas; cinematography, acting, writing, directing, producing, and many more.  


Post ProductionEditing, CGA, and special effects.


Music, Fashion and Food Festivals and Awards: We will be recognizing some of the best African artists and chefs during our premiere annual African Music, Fashion and Food Festival and Award that will be an annual event held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA


My runway fashion show was a huge success. I am overwhelmed with joy. Your event planning game is top-notch. The location, equipment, models, ambiance, was so impressive. All I had to do was commit to you; you just took my imagination and made it a reality.

Juliet Frank, CEO, Temptation Abuja, Nigeria.